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Returning to the True Self

I bring together an extensive background in Zen Buddhist meditation,  psychoanalytic studies, psychodynamic psychotherapy and training in body-based healing modalities (AEDP)  that uses the body’s innate knowing to orient us to the truth of what’s here.


Nothing pleases me more than to help you to slow down and get in touch with yourself in a way that connects to your own innate sense of healing. By coming into the here and now, we can discover what you are actually experiencing.  It’s common for us to be oblivious to what our bodies are experiencing.


Our emotions give us access to a lived sense of ourselves, providing information to help orient our actions. Deprived of this information, we can feel lost and disconnected.


​My professional training allows me to combine modalities to skillfully track your process, help you connect to your experience and rediscover your true self.

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