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 How I Work

I believe difficulties in living are a sign we've outgrown certain habits, behaviors or views. What may have helped us survive in the past doesn't help us flourish in the here and now. So, we find ourselves stuck in a painful relationship, an unsatisfying job situation, or with unpleasant physical symptoms of anxiety or depression. Our suffering may be a great awakener, calling us out of the sleep of unconsciousness, asking us what it is we really want.


I provide a sensitive, warm spaciousness that invites your whole self to address that question.

I specialize in helping individuals and couples in times of crisis to learn more about their needs so that they can meet them more effectively.


Gently attending to the body and attuning to the breath are essential tools to stay connected to one's actual experience - the doorway to healing. Honoring the strategies we've used to get us thus far yet assessing their costs to us in the present, we can honestly own our suffering. And access a genuine compassion for ourselves that allows us to entertain making different choices. 

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